Portfolio Site



I needed a site to demonstrate my ability. It is a project that has evolved in time and has pushed my ambition further. I was taught a lot at university but with self teaching I have really excelled my web design. I simply had to make this my best work. You put the best scenes in a trailer of a film. People would remember the portfolio site more then numerous projects it would make more of an impact just like how people remember the beginning and the end of a film. So the portfolio had to be the sales pitch of what I can achieve. Brief: Portfolio site to show my work to the masses


  • Content
  • Responsive
  • Dynamic Elements
  • Dark Mode Feature



Plenty of self taught and trial and error methods of aiming to to resolve the issue. Research in all areas to know what to do and not to do. Typography, Colour, Spacing and Animation.

Why Be Proud

The time and effort and level of perfection I have strived for. It has had the most iterations and been the project to truly show the improvement over the years in my work ability and ethic. Things such as Dark Mode in which I spent very late nights putting the time in to make a solution.

It is what represents me ambition to design and develop something I deem incredible.