The Basics

So I like to code. I like to learn it and make things that are pretty cool. That may be subjective but there you go. I was born and raised in London. I can honestly say it is ok. The busy buses and dirty tube lines are pretty much a place to avoid but you’ve got to go through some s*** to get somewhere great. That is why I went to University. I can truly say it was the most eye opening experience of my life so far.


I have hobbies like most humans. I enjoy a good video game, especially Marvel's Spiderman PS4, wow what a game. Also God of War (2018) what a thrill that was. I enjoy making coffee and drinking coffee, something that really helps with stresses of life and keeps me focused. (Just FYI I loved coffee before starting to code, these coding instagrams give coffee lovers a bad name…) Films Tv yh they’re good. I used to play basketball and am always down to shoot some hoops when I can. Music is a big part of my life. I love classics and modern. When working I find soundtracks form some of my favourite movies and tv shows to really help my workflow. Nothing is more motivational than having a Game of Thrones battle theme roaring at you when working.

Finding a Solution Directly

I prefer to talk someone and discuss a problem and fix it directly without wasting time

"No Fighting" - Thomas Shelby